Toqueville and the bloggers


Who knew there was a community of Movable Type users on the web? They are a remarkably helpful and charitable bunch of very smart people.

I asked some dumb questions in a support forum and once even got a response back in three minute. Thanks Kymberlie.

So hey, I got this thing up and running. I’m jazzed.

When Tocqueville, the French political philosopher, visited America in the early 1800’s, he observed that Americans were characterized by a habit of forming “groups and associations.”

We’re still at it! Tocqueville wouldn’t be surprised. And I think he would be very interested in bloggers.

UPDATE: I still like this point about Americans and their propensity to from groups to help another as “self-interest rightly understood.” But in the spirit of ecumenism, I should mention that the bloggers who helped me were international: a (good!) German photographer and a Canadian.

And, as always, I am indebted to my Brilliant Brother, who made the mistake of calling and saying, “so, how’s it going, sis?”


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