9-11 24/7: Pro-life by National Geographic


The abortion industry should be afraid, very afraid.

Back in 1995, Naomi Wolf shocked her friends in the abortion movement by writing in the New Republic that they needed to come up with a way to address the fact that: “the death of a fetus is a real death.”

Ten years later, this truth is even easier to see.

National Geographic has emerged (albeit probably unintentionally) as an unlikely ally of the pro-life movement. Be sure to catch a television special, “In the Womb” currently running on the National Geographic channel.

This phenomenal program is scheduled to rerun tonight (Saturday) at 5pm ET and again on March 18th.

The program features incredible 4D sonogram pictures of babies in the womb. (4D=three dimensions in real time.) Other pictures were taken from within the womb. The babies are shown in amazingly clear resolution sucking their thumbs, responding to voices, music and light, sight and sound. They can even determine whether a baby is right or left-handed by its responses. No “blobs of tissue” these.

Two key moments. One segment features a prenatal operation to fix a lung abnormality — the procedure requires two surgeries on the baby. It’s incomprehensible to watch on screen the full array of 21st century medicine mobilized to save the life of one small baby . . .and think that at the same time, even down the hospital hall, other unfortunate babies at the same stage of life are aborted routinely.

A second key moment: the narrator with the stentorian voice tells us that modern technology has revolutionized the way doctors view fetal development, particularly brain development. The old paradigm viewed birth as the beginning of the baby’s learning and life experiences. The new paradigm recognizes that the baby has been learning from his experiences even while “in the womb.”

That’s National Geographic speaking, not me.

After seeing pictures like these, it is difficult to explain to the Penta-Posse that 4,000 babies are aborted per day in the United States alone.

The Dreamer responded, “But that’s more than 9-11. Every day? That’s 9-11, 24/7.”

Every day. But with pictures like these, a new day is coming.


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