Baseball or Life? Hmmm, Hard Call . . .


Here’s David Broder on Meet the Press yesterday on why Congress should not intervene in the Terri Schiavo case (her husband has had her feeding tube removed even though her parents have been fighting desperately for the right to care for her):

But for Congress to step in at this late stage with no expertise at all, intervene in a situation where the state courts have had ample opportunity to try to weigh the difficult balance, seems to me that they are way out of line.

Now here’s Broder on the Congressional hearings into steroids in baseball:

I do not think that Congress was out of line at all to look into this issue. I think it’s–it is the national pastime, and this is the national legislature, and I think it is a real problem that they have properly exposed.

Well, by gum, it’s, it’s the national pastime!! Sure, get involved in that, but don’t get too worked up about a woman whose life is on the line.

Look, don’t get me started on steroids in baseball — I hope they get the mess cleaned up so that the Dude can have some sports heroes who aren’t cheaters. But is that really more worthy of Congressional attention than Terri Schiavo’s life?


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