Run Cheri, Run!



sm_YeckeCloseUpWith the news this morning that Terri Schiavo is dying and that the appeal to the Supreme Court has failed, we should be reminded that we need good people in our government. My friend, Cheri Yecke, is running for Congress — the Sixth District Congressional seat in Minnesota.

Five candidates are running in the primary and the first FEC filing deadline is coming up quickly on March 31st. Cheri needs to show strength in that filing.

This is an open seat, so it is a wonderful opportunity to get a strong, pro-life conservative (woman!) into Congress. I wish it were irrelevant that Cheri is a woman, but I emphasize it because in today’s political world, you aren’t a “candidate for women” unless you are a liberal with a skirt (or a chic pantsuit).

Cheri’s a fellow UVA Ph.D., with a solid public policy background in educational issues — she’s a “good guy!”

So Go, Cheri Go!!! If you are a Minnesotan, or know someone who is, please spread the word about her campaign. But everyone can support her, every dollar counts — her website is


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