Krugman Antidote: Mark Steyn


After being subjected to the lunacy of Paul Krugman, (here) the lucidity of Mark Steyn is a welcome antidote. His column in Monday’s Daily Telegraph was both brilliant and funny. For example:

The root of the Pope’s thinking – that there are eternal truths no one can change even if one wanted to – is completely incomprehensible to the progressivist mindset. There are no absolute truths, everything’s in play, and by “consensus” all we’re really arguing is the rate of concession to the inevitable: abortion’s here to stay, gay marriage will be here any day now, in a year or two it’ll be something else – it’s all gonna happen anyway, man, so why be the last squaresville daddy-o on the block?

He goes on to riff on AIDS in Africa, the alleged “homophobia” of Catholicism, and to defend the Pope’s “splendor of truth.” He manages trenchant observations all while making us laugh. Well worth the time to read.


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