We Salute You! Armed Forces Day 2005


To all of you serving our country in the military today — and your families — we salute you! We thank you. We pray for you. And to Josh, Michael, and Will, in particular . . .We Love You! Be Safe.



By Ralph Waldo Emerson


In an age of fops and toys,

Wanting wisdom, void of right

Who shall nerve heroic boys

To Fathom all in Freedom’s fight –

Break sharply off their jolly games

Forsake their comrades gay

And quit proud homes and youthful dames

For famine, toil and fray?

Yet on the nimbler air benign

Speed nimble messages

That waft the breath of grace divine

To hearts in sloth and ease

So nigh is grandeur to our hearts

So near is God to man

When Duty whispers low, Thou Must

The youth replies, I can.

Thanks to Paratrooper.net for the moving poem.

Matt at Blackfive, says that there are protests scheduled today at recruiting offices around the country (how dare they?), and suggests buying a recruiter a cup of coffee instead! He also provides a link to events honoring the military around the country.


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