Family Governance 101: Children of the World, Unite!


We were all headed out in the Black Rocket. I was reviewing with the Penta-Posse what they could expect from the day.

Some of the details were not received with enthusiasm.


Anarchists. Clearly.

Election Night 2004

The Dreamer decided she had some better ideas, and offered them. In a tone of voice which was, shall we say, ill-advised.

“And what,” said I, “makes you think [the part she didn’t want to do] is up for discussion?”

“I was just trying to offer a compromise,” she replied. (Still with the ‘tude.)

“Well,” I responded, “This isn’t a democracy.” (Okay, so that was a little snarky. . .)

Jack decided to clarify: “No, this is a benign dictatorship.”

Then, from the far back, the Dude (lovin’ the fact that his sister was in trouble) chimes in:

“No, this is ANARCHY!”


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