Joe Carter with Captain Ed Expose!!



It’s my Diva-girl

hamming it up!

With Lance McMurray

Joe Carter, too, too, funny:

Several weeks ago a diarist at the DailyKos mentioned that the reason Ed Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters was able to post as frequently as he does was because he uses special blogging software. Intrigued, I was hoping to find out the truth during our JS2 coverage. Instead, I discovered something far more disturbing. The secret to the Captain’s prolific (and profligate) blogging is that he outsources his work; all of his posts are written by sweatshop laborers in Nicaragua.

Because the event was live, though, Ed resorted to using domestic child labor . . .

And, wait, what’s this about Ed drinking daiquiris with Tom DeLay??!! Read the rest of Joe’s hilarious expose over at Evangelical Outpost.

We did have too much fun in Nashville. . .


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