Back By Popular Demand: Live-Blogging Commander-in-Chief


I took a week off from Hillary 2008 Commander-in-Chief live-blogging, and I was roundly chastised. So, in just over an hour, come on back and join us for the Collagen Commander in action.

Tonight, according to the website: “Mac is caught off guard by breaking news of a terrorist smuggling explosives across the Canadian border.” Oooh. Good opportunity to show how tough Hillary, sorry, I meant “a woman president” would be on terrorists. Bilaterally though of course.

9:00 One thing we haven’t talked about yet: they hired SANDY BERGER as a consultant on this show. Seriously. That’s amazing.

9:02 Nice suit. Maybe Geena Davis and I can work together on bringing back the long skirt suit.

9:03 Terrorist coming across the Canadian border. (Hey, those are my glasses, too. I’m liking this show better. Kidding.)

9:07 Commercial break. So back to the Sandy Berger thing. What DO you have to do — if you’re a Democrat — to lose the lucrative TV gig??

9:10 Late-night comics making fun of the First Husband. The kids watching on TV at school (on the laptop) and they get bent out of shape. The son gets in a fight and the Secret Service breaks it up. Working a little too hard to generate the teen angst here.

9:13 Flashback – husband remembering when Mac was recruited to run for Congress.

Now wer’e back to meeting with the security people about the terrorist situation.

9:21 The reporters ask the press secretary what it means that a “red state” is a terror target.

The First Husband is offered the job of Commissioner of Baseball. Hey, now that is cool.

9:24 Okay, here we go. The Security Advisor(?) Attorney General tells Mac that she could classify the terrorist as an enemy combatant and Mac replies, something to the effect that, that would be unconstitutional. Voice dripping with disdain, she orders the Security Advisor A.G. to raise the terror alert instead. So much for making her look tough on terror.

9:30 The First Daughter hanging out in her bedroom, on the bed, with a boy. Okay, so the President catches them and reams the daughter out. That’s good.

9:33 The White House usher asks the President if her children are going to school the next day (the terrorist threat involves schools somehow). The President says no. That’s a really bad call. They would never keep the First Kids home in a situation like that. And THEN the usher asks if his grandkids should stay home too. Well, of COURSE, they shouldn’t if the First Kids aren’t going to school. Good grief. Again, if this is their idea of leadership. . .

9:38 Back to the Sit Room. The question seems to be to torture, or not to torture.

9:41 First Husband. She won’t tell him about the details of the terrorist situation. Sends him off to talk to the son about getting in a fight at school. Son tells him he’s become a “national joke” and that he is a “wuss.” I really like the First Husband character. I suppose they have to give him angst too, but I hope they don’t carry it too far.

9:44 Speaker of the House goes on television. . . to undermine the President. Now I do like the depiction of hardball politics played out through talk shows. That is the way the game is played.

9:51 They come up with the list of the targeted schools. Crisis averted. But the Attorney General makes the point that she came up with the same list of sites through her interrogation (this was the concern over torture) that the President got through sacrificing some assets in Lebanon (this was a little unclear).

9:57 The Speaker tells the President that they did torture the terrorist.

She calls in the AG and fires her.

Now she’s solemnly staring out the windows of the Oval Office. . . into the rain. . .


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