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YemenJane Novak who blogs at Armies of Liberation has been writing about Yemen for years.

She recently was interviewed by al-Jazeera as she fights oppression as only she can. She tells us about the media experience,

c) nail the opening. The hardest part is your first five words.

I did have an opening memorized but the host said to me:

well you’re one of the most controversial guests we’ve had, since a Yemeni newspaper published an announcement of your appearance and we’ve recieved a flood of email condemning your appearence on al-Jazeera and denouncing you as anti-Arab,

so welcome Miss Novak.

And then he asked me a question.

So my opening was, Its very strange that anyone would call me anti-Arab, since I spend so much of my time advocating for the human rights and civil rights of Arab people.

(The Yemenis are Arabs last time I checked. So the regime tried to get me pulled from the show.)

Jane Novak is one of the the bravest of bloggers.


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3 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    Thanks very much for the plug: the host was actually quite fair and was letting everyone know that the government of Yemen had tried to get me pulled from the show. He actually was harder on the Yemeni government people than me. Maybe he had sympathy it was my first TV appearence but there was no rough stuff whatsoever. And actually when the media spokesman for the President trashed me, the host said that it was unacceptable to attack me personally. It was a great way to get out the truth about the tyranical regime. And charmain was SO helpful. Otherwise I would have died of stagefright but I had some sense of inside knowledge of how things worked that was reassuring, very reassuring. She even explained about sitting in the little dark room by yourself. It was rough without the visual feed from the show. But I did it. And theres more truth out there than there was before.

  2. Jack Yoest says:

    Jane, Congratulations on fighting the good fight! Please get a beta of the video if possible and link it up so we all can see and continue to cheer you on.

    It is easy to provide advice — difficult to retain and use it under fire as you did.

    I would wager that the CONUS cable outlets will now have you on to debate concerns about Yemen. And get the attention needed.

    Well Done.


  3. Jane says:

    Thanks Jack. I’ll be happy if anybody starts talking about Yemen besides me.

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