Early Weekend, Movie Edition Part Two: Go See Zathura!



We loved Zathura. This movie has great timing — for all of you parents who are wrestling with the bad reports coming out about the new Harry Potter: take the kids to see Zathura.

It’s a great movie about sibling rivalry. Not that we have any of that around here. No siree, not the Penta-Posse. . .

(Stop hitting your brother!)

Last weekend we were looking for a way to lighten spirits after the Hurricane Heartbreak, and we were thrilled to discover this movie. Even Jack and I were entertained.

One caution: the effects are so good that the “flesh-eating” giant lizards, amongst other things, were a little intense for the two little guys.

But here was a favorite moment:

An evil robot is threatening Walter and Danny, the two little boys who have been transported, inside their house, into outer space.

Our five-year-old, the Dancer, is sitting on Jack’s lap, sucking her thumb and watching intently.

The robot gets ejected from the house out into space, and one of the boys says, onscreen, “The robot is gone!”

Moments later, of course, the robot manages to return with a big, loud, scary swoosh.

Dancer removes her thumb and says plainly for all to hear: “Or not.”


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