To Grandmother's House We Go. . .



Hey, Mom, come quick!”

Heart stops. What’s wrong??!!

Get your camera.” It’s just the Dude, with a Cuteness Alert. “You gotta get this for the blog!”

So here’s our sweet Dancer, ready to hit the road. My Mom and Dad headed over the river and through the woods, to my Grandmother’s house, taking our middle three kids with them — we can’t take off till the weekend, so we’ll meet them down there.

While I had the camera out, I recorded the Diva singing a Christmas carol, and I played it tonight for Baby Boo. He kept saying her name over and over, and cried until I played it over several times.

When I called to make sure they had arrived safely, she got on the phone with him and he broke out in laughter, and started saying her name again over and over.

And then he whispered: “I luff oo.”

Merry Christmas everyone. Drive safely.


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