Mark Steyn is Funny . . .


. . . even when he’s writing about something with as little substance as the Great Hunting Accident of 2006. To wit, picking up in the middle of a disagreement over on the Corner:

I’m reluctant to disparage John Podhoretz as some effete metrosexual Ethel Merman impersonator, being one myself. . .

From an anecdotal survey of my part of the North Country, most guys see the Cheney business as an excuse to tell their own hunting stories, mostly of the been-there-done-(or-nearly-done)-that variety. I’m not saying I’m entirely on board with the line that real men shoot each other all the time without whining like a bunch of ninnies about what’s no more than a healthy American male bonding experience. But on balance this is one of those no-scandal scandals where Democrat/media hysteria only underlines their estrangement from the average red-state male. If John disagrees, I’d be happy to argue it out with him on a hunting trip deep in the woods – or, if he doesn’t trust me that far off the grid, we can shoot each other’s Broadway cast albums off the back of the pick-up one weekend.

Too funny: the mental image of Steyn and Podhoretz out hunting together slays me.


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