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Cross Post from Jack Yoest with The Carnival of the Capitalists.

Years ago, Your Business Blogger held a (most minor) position in the local Republican party. It was an election; votes were taken. I didn’t buy any votes.

But I’m buying now. Vote for Your Business Blogger in the Carnival of the Capitalists. A lucky voter for me gets a t-shirt from the Jollyblogger. Vote here. And leave me a comment. jotzel_logo.png

Jotzel Jotzel has the best articles on Capitalism this week.

And while you are there, visit Lipsticking for an post on Yvonne Talks Gender on the Net.

In any debate between women — she said/she said, my money’s on what she said — visit Lipsticking.


Please vote for me at Jotzel. Please, I’m buying.


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