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Cross post from Jack Yoest. He’s got the uncensored version at …even the post title a bit much…here.

I’m not sure if this is safe for work or not. I would think so, if it’s art. The Chronicle of Higher Education says it is.

But who knows? If your boss does not permit n*pples in the cubicles do not scroll down. But it’s really not that bad. Not that good? The Chronicle’s had better pictures. I mean worse.


Eleanor, Chicago; by Harry Callahan

Your Business Blogger is intrigued by what passes for taste, style and learning in our education elites. The latest issue of The Chronicle comes through again.

Occupying a full quarter page of real estate is a photograph by a self-absorbed photographer. Redundant, I know.

The Chronicle informs us that,

Of all the notable photographers of the 20th century, surely Harry Callahan is the coolest.

I thought Ansel Adams was cool. Perhaps not.

So what makes for cool in academe? The Chronicle enlightens fellow elites,

When he was 34, Callahan wrote what might remain the truest and most naive grant proposals. He was asking for money “to photograph as I felt and desired; to regulate a pleasant form of living; to get up in the morning — free, to feel the trees, the grass, sky or buildings, the people — everything that affects us…

Including nekked ladies a-skinny dipping. If it was in color, it would be Playboy porno; black and white makes it art, you see.

But even The Chronicle lurches into the truth, admitting that, “To ask for other people’s money in order to improve the quality of one’s own life is unusual…”

Which is more insane? Harry asking for free money. The foundation giving it away. Or The Chronicle waxing eloquent on the photographer’s authenticity?

So why couldn’t Harry just wait on tables to fund his passion for pictures? Like any out of work actor?

But The Chronicle does more that just girls — I think Eleanor, Chicago is a girl, can’t be too sure — boys are also included in this issue.

Well not the boys. The p*nises.

Well not the p*nises. The foreskins.


Sigmund Freud

Getty ImagesThe Chronicle cuts loose with Academe’s Cutting Edge.

Noting that this month marks the 150th anniversary of Sigmund Freud’s birth and circumcision, …a doctoral candidate… arranged a commemoration. Here’s the program:

Which includes: FREUD’S FORESKIN …the most suggestive circumcision in history.

Don’t miss Circumcision in Freud’s Context.

And my favorite, Circumcised Supremacy: Freud’s Final Cut.

(I’d love to get a job at The Onion. But the problem there is that I’d have to make stuff up… The Chronicle does all the material for me.)

Be sure to check back next week for more in depth analysis of the newspaper of record for the academy. The Chronicle.

A cut above.


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