President Bush and Philadelphia Lawyers


There are two types of people you should never have at a negotiation table: lawyers and technologists.

Good lawyers play defense. Good consultants play offense. Technologists won’t play.


Your Business Blogger

and legal counsel

at the Franklin Institute

Your Business Blogger is in Central Philly attempting to do a deal. But there are lawyers everywhere; mine and theirs and probably yours. And all the legal counsels in chorus say no, no, no.

And I just wanna do business.

It’s no, no, no vs. money, money, money.

And Shakespeare said, First we kill all the lawyers. Timeless truth.

Nothing happens. While they still live.

So I’m back in the Sheraton, inside my room and I settle down to relax a bit and enjoy some idle time with one of my favorite capitalists on cable Ludlow.

But no. Shouting outside: Go Home Bush! Go Home Bush! Go Home Bush! Protesters everywhere and the racket reaches to my sixth floor eyrie.

I couldn’t tell if the unhappy screamers were Democrats. Or Republicans

Bush is working for the re-election of Congressmen Mike Fitzpatrick and Jim Gerlach doing a (big) deal a few floors up.


Jim Gerlach


Mike Fitzpatrick

President Bush is here for a fund raiser — he’ll do $600K — get a photo shot for $5k, a plate for $1,000. Bush knows how to make money.

Must be no lawyers in the room.


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