The Best of Me Symphony Carnival is Up at The Owner's Manual



The Owner’s Manual Emo Philips is the host of this well crafted carnival. A must visit.

Your Business Blogger has an entry. Here’s Emo’s comment:

When I was a kid, my goodness, corporate America was a bunch of stolid white guys in gray suits trying to be serious, and now it’s stolid white guys in gray suits trying to be funny.

Not quite as bad as TBogg’s comments:

Oh wait. It’s business humor which is usually only appreciated by administrative assistants who mentally convert all punchlines into “Jesus. What an *ssh*le” while grinning maniacally and saying, “Good one, boss.”

And Seth Godin says this is good

…now that’s funny. I guess.

But do visit The Owner’s Manual.

And continue reading his take on the entries. For another example see his comment on Adam’s Blog:

I think of my body as a temple. Or at least a relatively well-managed Presbyterian youth center.


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