Blogosphere Pain and Pleasure



Unknown Comic The blogosphere is a souce of great pleasure. And great pain.

The Real and The Counterfeit.

The popular Tbogg confuses parody with insult. And remains anonymous. For good reason. The unknown comic, like most liberals, is quick with fighting words. But would never fight a war. Goodness, can these lefties talk. And both of them listen to AirAmerica. Hate America, hate Bush, hate the military.

So nuanced, so French. Who surrender.

Unlike real Americans. Charmaine and I were pleasantly surprised today by an Alert Reader who linked us to Elgin Tyell. Who knows how to be funny and flattering. At the same time.



Which takes real talent.

Bookmark Elgin Tyell. The Real.

Not The Counterfeit.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Tyrell was referencing a post on marketing — that I borrowed from Tom McMahon. Who you should also bookmark.


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