The Politico Quotes Yoest on Embryonic Stem Cell Legislation


Embryonic Stem Cell Legislation Stokes Hearty Debate Chris Frates at the new Politico reports on Stem Cell research legislation. (This is a post on content and style. See notes.)


Adult vs Embryonic

Stem Cell Research Treatments Frates write that if the government funds,

“[B]iotech companies and universities could land huge research grants. The potentially massive cash infusion, supporters say, may spur innovations that could find cures for diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Dorinda Bordlee, executive director of the Bioethics Defense Fund, called the legislation “a very clever and stealth measure for going to the end game of human cloning.” ”


The Politico Chris Frates reminds us that,

“Between 2003 and 2006, the NIH spent $2.3 billion on stem cell research, $122 million of which went toward work on human embryonic stem cells. Critics contend that big biotech is working to win taxpayer money for its embryonic stem cell research to cover a flimsy bet.”

And closes,

“They’re coming after government money because embryonic stem cell (research) is not working,” said Charmaine Yoest, vice president for communications for the Family Research Council.


Thank you (foot)notes:

The lead guys for The Politico came from The Washington Post. They left the left leaning WaPo, but didn’t leave their leaning left. Your Business Blogger crossed paths with The Politicos. When asked how much they paid for the domain, they said, “Not as much as you’d think…”

They may be lefties, but they can do business.

The Editors Weblog reports,

Jim Vandehei, former political correspondent, and John Harris, former political editor, resigned from their comfortable seats at the Washington Post last December, convinced by Allbritton Communications’ owner Robert Allbritton to head an online political news venture.

The project was to mount a multimedia Capitol Hill publication, with a limited print edition, a daily online edition, and a few other TV and radio features that could rely on Allbritton’s existing broadcasting resources.

Allbritton, Vandehei and Harris proceeded to strip a few prestigious publications of a couple of their illustrious journalists, such as Mike Allen, former White House correspondent for Time magazine, or Roger Simon, former chief political correspondent for U.S. News and World Report.

Although left leaning, Chris Frates uses the words ’embryo’ or ’embryonic’ some 33 times in his article. Would that The Washington Post would write so.

However, Chris must think he’s writing for a dead tree paper product. He does a terrific article without the best advantage bits’ press has over atoms’ press:


An entire article and not a link to be found. Not a link to the research. Not a link to FRC. Not to FRCBlog. And not, heaven forefend, not a link to Reasoned Audacity. Newspapers don’t have footnotes; don’t have hyperlinks. Links make blogs better.

The Politico‘s comment section doesn’t allow for the URL of a commenter, like, say, Your Business Blogger at Reasoned Audacity.

Not a link. Bad form in the blogosphere.


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