Monkey On Your Back Ad Campaign and Carnival Selections



A Monkey on Your Back?

Dodge commercial Monkey on Your Back is a phrase that has come to mean an assignment, and the one who carries “the monkey” is responsible for the next step. In the Army, the responsible manager was called an ‘Action Officer.’

Which clearly pegged who was responsible for what project.

Dodge is using this accountability analogy, Monkey on Your Back to depict a guy who has to buy a cool car for the family. Forgive the extra click thru at

He got a Hemi — for the children.

Every male likes muscle (cars).

And everyone should embrace office politics. For survival. See Office Politics by MAD KANE’S HUMOR BLOG, via Verve Coaching’s carnival.

Visit the Urban Monk via the Life Carnival.


Courtesy: Mike Luckovich at

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: Monkey on Your Back was popularized by the William Oncken Corporation, which is a client of Your Business Blogger at Managing Management Time of DC, LLC.

The Neo Eclectic has more on the history on the beloved Hemi at 50th Anniversary of the 392 FirePower Hemi Engine.


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