Best Score Card of the Week


Your Business Blogger likes to keep score. As an old sales guy, my day was made (or ruined) by my numbers tallied at the close of business. I got paid for performance.

I ate what I killed.

Our culture is moving toward a much more, well, tolerant view of performance.

Liberals do not like to keep score. Everyone gets a trophy. Even at our local high school, Yorktown, players are not even cut from the try-outs for football. Every attempt is rewarded with a spot on the team, and more likely, the bench. It’s called a “no cut policy.”

And no feelings are hurt.

In the absence of empirical data and real numbers and real measurement and real performance — any thing goes.


Alberto GonzalesPolitics then becomes the measure. Of good intentions. Feeling your pain. It seems that delivering numbers is becoming as backward as the hill-billies in the movie Deliverance.

Tom McMahon shows us, simply, the result when we don’t pay attention to delivering numbers. Here is how the elite, sophisticated anti-Deliverance liberals win with the modern score-card:

Attorney General Scorecard: Janet Reno vs Alberto Gonzales

I ate what I killed to live. Under Clinton, they simply were killed.


Thank you (foot)notes:

In Management Training I teach my students to love, to embrace Office Politics, as a method to make the numbers. Not to avoid the numbers.


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