MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine at the New America Foundation debating America’s Changing Social Contract


Charmaine will be participating in a panel discussion on America’s Changing Social Contract: The Rights and Responsibilities of Employers, Families, Government and Civil Society hosted by the New America Foundation,


The Penta-Posse at Four Corners, 2005

What is the future of the social contract?

“Despite the sustained economic growth of recent years, Americans are increasingly concerned with economic security. Even before economists began reporting signs of recession, skyrocketing health care costs, faltering pensions, and burgeoning inequality frayed the fabric of the American social contract. America’s social contract is an evolving, complex web of legal and informal relationships between households, employers, government, and civil society that extends beyond particular federal programs. Now is the time to strike a new bargain between these sectors, rethinking the rights and responsibilities of each. Breathing new life into the American social contract is needed to keep pace with our 21st century economy and build the conditions for sustained growth and healthy families.”

You are invited. And unlike CNN hosting a presidential debate, you can bring your own unplanted, unprogrammed questions.

Start: 12/03/2007 – 9:00am

End: 12/03/2007 – 3:00pm

The Mayflower Hotel

1127 Connecticut Ave, NW The East Room

Washington, 20036

The New America Foundation’s Next Social Contract Initiative invites you to join a discussion to help redesign the American social contract. Speakers, discussants, and panelists will return to first principles and address the roles that government, business, families, and civil society have to play in the next social contract.

The Next Social Contract Initiative aims to reinvent American social policy for the twenty-first century. Through a program of research and public education, the initiative will explore the origins of our modern social contract, articulate the guiding principles for constructing a new contract, and advance a set of promising policy reforms.

Participants at the jump.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Charmaine recently sat on another panel hosted by the New America Foundation on The Politics of Parental Leave.


* Andy Stern


Service Employees International Union

* Carl Camden


Kelly Services

* Brian Gallagher


United Way of America

* Charles Kolb


Committee for Economic Development

* Jacob Hacker

Fellow, New America Foundation

Professor of Political Science, Yale University

* Donna Klein

President & CEO

Corporate Voices for Working Families

* Sarah Horowitz


Working Today, Freelancer’s Union

* Charmaine Yoest

Vice President for Communications

Family Research Council

* Jane Waldfogel

Professor of Social Work and Public Affairs

Columbia University

* Mark Schmitt

Senior Fellow

New America Foundation

* Phil Longman

Senior Fellow

New America Foundation


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