Bringing In The New Year With Mike Huckabee



Huckabee at the

blogger bash 1.1.08

credit: The Dude Pollster Kellyanne Conway says that the voting public asks, “Do I like the candidate, and is the candidate like me?”

Your Business Blogger was curious about the symmetry and chemistry of Mike Huckabee with normal people. Who might party hard on New Year’s Eve.

So Charmaine and I joined the candidate with revelers at the Wakonda Club in Des Moines to see if Mike Huckabee could have a good time.

We learned that he is a real player. Of the bass guitar.

Steve Martin said that the world’s problems could be solved if every leader played the banjo. The bass may do.

A good time was had by all.


Charmaine and Mike Huckabee

at the blogger bash 1.1.08

credit: The DudeWe crossed paths with another premier pollster, Frank Luntz, Ph.D. where I blathered on about his book Words that Work and learned about his next book. On what the American public really thinks. Look for it with in the year.

Luntz has visited both Romney and Huckabee functions and reports that Huckabee has crowds three and four times the numbers of Romney.

Early the next morning — today — the campaign flew to Sioux City and Cedar Rapids, then back for a Blogger Bash and an indoor rally for 2,500. Tim Russert was here. It is 6 degrees. Wind chill is lethal.


Huckabee and The Dude

at the blogger bash 1.1.08


The Dude backstage

with Chuck Norris


The Dude interviewing Mitt Romney at CPAC last year


Thank you (foot)notes:

The Dude has talked with both Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. There is no doubt that Huckabee is Pro-Life. But The Dude is not so sure about Mitt Romney. And not because Romney says he’s a recent convert.

But more important: Romney crafted and passed a $50 co-pay for getting an abortion when he was governor.

Mitt Romney asked for and got Tax Payer funded abortions. This is not Pro-Life.

From Politico,

Romney’s universal health insurance plan, which he often touts as the signature achievement of his governorship, allows women to have an abortion for a $50 co-pay. Even worse, the plan does not include any exceptions, which means Massachusetts taxpayers are forced to fund abortion-on-demand. This is no surprise given that Romney’s health plan also mandates that Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion seller, be involved in appointing members to the legislation’s policy board.

This is worse than the Romney criminal record and the cover up.

Full Disclosure: Your Business Blogger has participated in a focus group with Kellyanne Conway.


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