Please Support Hannah's Mission Trip to the DR


me painting (2).jpg

Hannah painting in Peru, 2007

Dear Family,

Hi! It’s the end of my first year at Yorktown High School and I am planning to join my church’s mission trip to the Dominican Republic this summer. Last year I had the amazing experience of witnessing to Peruvians in the Callao Festival, Lima, Peru. I was able to watch as thousands were brought to Christ. With memories of last year dancing in my mind I can only dream of how awesome this year’s mission is going to be.


This year I want to be an asset to my team and need your help getting me there. I’m raising the money needed to devote to the mission trip which will be from July 23-30. Support goes toward food, logistics, rooming, and baseball equipment (for ministry to younger children in the Dominican Republic). Your support would mean so much to me this year, helping me reach my goal of $1,600. Even the smallest donation can make all the difference. If you’d like to send support online, you can do that at

Direct link for donations: HERE

Over the last year I’ve grown closer to Jesus and want to extend that feeling to others through ministry. I’ve been taking my friends to church and spreading God’s word at school and in my sports activities. My electives also include art as a medium I hope to expand in as a ministry tool. This year I’ll be joining the Children’s Ministry team, and the General Missions team, where I will be able to interact with all the groups and see all the various ways the Gospel can be spread. Other teams on the mission include: Drama team, Choir, Baseball, Clowns, and Construction.


Last year I was on the construction team, but this year I think I’m better suited for Children’s Ministry. Last year the Construction team was delayed by circumstances and I was able to join with other teams and street evangelize. I had the opportunity to witness to Special Needs kids at a children’s school where we washed the kids’ feet, and once we were able to start construction, I was able to help paint the alleyway of the woman’s house we were working on.

Your support this year would mean the world to me and thank you so much for whatever you can give! The smallest donation counts. If you don’t want to donate online, any checks you donate need to be made out to Mclean Bible Church, Dominican Republic Mission; and Hannah Yoest needs to be written in the left hand corner. (The mailing address is: P.O. Box 9300 McLean, VA 22102)

Thank You so much for your help and love, please keep me in your prayers!

Love and Thanks,



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