What Does Every Young Man Need To Know?


Vehicle Identification.

One of the Rules of Males is to be able to fix things and know the differences of Make, Model and Year of the various cars on and off the road.

57_chevy_yoest_front_rear011.jpgAt left is one of the 1957 Chevys Your Business Blogger(R) owned a number a decades ago — back when the mid-fifties Chevys were viewed as street racers of their day (at least by local law enforcement). These Chevys started out as transportation, then hot rod and now museum piece. Few are driven on the street now-a-days except during parades.

So to continue with The Dude’s Real Education we traveled to Snow Hill, Maryland for the weekend to visit the annual classic car show and for The Blessing of the Combines with friends and family. A new combine goes for some $200,000. Farming is expensive.

But it was the cars that caught our attention.

Alert Readers will remember that Your Business Blogger(R) has also owned a number of Corvettes. At the car show, there was a well maintained 1964 convertible that was selling for $49,500. I sold mine for considerably, considerably less, long, long ago.

These days it’s not the old cars that break down…it’s the old guys.

Women! Are you looking for your man to display some emotion? Take him to an old car show! Ask him three questions:

1) Did you ever own one of these old cars?

2) What did you sell it for?

3) What are they worth now?

Give him a hug, but do not make a scene as he begins to cry. The other men present know what is going on and will avert their eyes when an old car-guy breaks down.

I’m told it happens a lot at old car shows.

(Let’s not call them antique cars, just yet. Please)

A key vehicle series to know is the differences between the ’55, ’56 and ’57 Chevys.

57_chevy_yoest_gascap_snowhill_MD 052.pngThe Dude learned fast. And learned the secret access to the ’57’s gas cap.

At left: Driver’s side Tail Fin opened revealing the gas cap.

Photo Credit: The Dreamer.

The Blessing of the Combines at Snow Hill, Maryland, August, 2008. I did not find the owner of the red 1957 Chevrolet two-door sedan pictured, but would like to acknowledge him, if possible.


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