Charmaine Quoted in AP, Americans United for Life Action Opposes Sebelius


sebelius_dress.jpgCharmaine at AUL was interviewed by the Associated Press by phone while we were in Laguna Niguel over the weekend.

Sebelius, credit: Tony’s Kansas City

JOHN HANN writes, Abortion foes vow to fight a Sebelius nomination,

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — National anti-abortion groups promise a vigorous fight if President Barack Obama nominates Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as U.S. health and human services secretary….

“It’s not just that she has a pro-abortion rights viewpoint,” said Charmaine Yoest, president and chief executive officer of Americans United for Life Action. “It’s her very close association with one of the most infamous abortionists in this country.”…

Abortion foes said Friday an important issue is a reception Sebelius once had with a late-term abortion provider who’s now facing criminal charges.

Administration officials disputed the idea that abortion is an issue as to whether Obama nominates Sebelius. She is considered a leading candidate for the HHS job, although the White House has said others are being considered.

Abortion opponents acknowledged Friday that they’ll probably be uncomfortable with nearly anyone Obama nominates, but they’re particularly upset by the prospect of Sebelius.

A major reason is an event in April 2007 at the governor’s residence with Dr. George Tiller and his Wichita clinic’s staff. Abortion foes eventually obtained photos from the reception and posted them last year on the Internet.

Charmaine’s reports that Sebelius opposes and has voted against Parental Notification and safe, clinical standards for abortion offices. See the Americans United for Life Action blog,

The need for this critical legislation was predicated, in large part, on evidence of shocking conditions in Kansas abortion clinics.

For example, two inspections of the same Topeka abortion clinic discovered fetal remains stored in the same refrigerator as food;

a dead rodent in the clinic hallway;

overflowing, uncovered disposal bins containing medical waste;

unlabeled, pre-drawn syringes with controlled substances in an unlocked refrigerator;

improperly labeled and expired medicines; carpeted floor in the surgical procedure room; and visible dirt and general disarray throughout the clinic.

Dr. Krishna Rajanna, who operated the unsanitary clinic, also consistently violated the practice guidelines for conscious sedation.

These unsanitary medical practices would close a restaurant, let alone an abortion office. Other issues that disqualify Sebelius,

On balance, Gov. Sebelius’ record demonstrates that she is unfit to serve as HHS Secretary and should not be in a position to make such important policy determinations including:

* Whether to rescind, modify, or retain HHS rules requiring that recipients of certain federal funding certify their compliance with existing federal law supporting healthcare fights of conscience;

* Whether to expand the over-the-counter availability of abortifacients such as “Plan B” (so-called “emergency contraception”) to allow minors to obtain these controversial and dangerous drugs without a prescription or doctor’s involvement; and

* Whether to rescind approval for or, at a minimum, review the safety and efficacy of RU-486 (“the abortion pill”) which has killed at least 7 women in the U.S. since it was approved by the FDA in September 2000.

Alert Readers know that Your Business Blogger(R) worked in a restaurant as a teenager. My boss was always worried that the Health Department Inspector might find some random rat dropping. My restaurant manager would have nothing to fear if Sebelius was the governor. Sebelius is not qualified to oversee a food service business. And she is not qualified to run Health and Human Resources.



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