Americans United for Life Ready for the Obama Supreme Court Nominee


AUL will be conducting a press conference tomorrow, Thursday. It’s going to be good.

Americans United for Life has released a review of the potential Supreme Court Nominees.

The concern of AUL, the country’s oldest Pro-Life public interest law firm, is that nominees might be “empathetic” to petitioners to the Supreme Court — rather than honoring the Justices’ oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”

Your Business Blogger(R) served as an Armored Cavalry Officer and at commissioning — becoming an officer and gentleman — also took an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” The oath of commissioned military officers is to the document not to the president — to a piece of paper, not to a person.

(It quite literally took an act of Congress to make Your Business Blogger (R) a gentleman…)

None of Obama’s short list of nominees seem to understand this distinction on the job of a Supreme Court Justice: To be faithful to the Constitution and NOT to show “empathy” to any person or case before the Court.

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Ultrasound technology and laws credited for pro-life shift, quotes Charmaine; always a good idea…


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