The Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystropy Telethon 2009


md_telethone_odu_first_1978_078.jpgYour Business Blogger‘s(R) misspent youth involved a number of all-nighters in college.

No, not studying.


So if the night was to be wasted and the students wasted, then it was thought that perhaps it all could be done for a good cause.

Your (much younger) Business Blogger(R) at the MDA Dance Marathon, 1978

We put on a dance marathon, the first Superdance, to raise money at ODU (aka Over Dose University). Back in the day, we raised some $15,102 for The Muscular Dystrophy Association and Jerry’s Kids.

Maybe it wasn’t such a waste of time…

It is not too late to make a pledge. Our family did.

It was easier than dancing all night.



LAS VEGAS, Sept. 3, 2007 — Jerry Lewis today made good on his annual promise to raise at least “one dollar more” for the fight against Muscular Dystrophy.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association’s 42nd Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon set a record of $63,759,478 in contributions and pledges, which will fund research, services and information for people with any of the neuromuscular diseases under MDA’s umbrella.

“I’m deeply grateful for the incredible generosity and support of the American public,” MDA National Chairman and Telethon star Jerry Lewis said. “Each year they outdo themselves in supporting our quest for cures for diseases that steal the strength — and the lives — of ‘my kids.'”

The first MDA Dance Marathon fund raiser at Old Dominion University was held in 1978.

From MDA,

The Telethon derives drama from the ever-increasing fundraising total posted on the “tote board” – operated originally by hand in 1966, now electronically. Jerry’s goal of raising “one dollar more” than the previous year’s total has been more than met almost every year, thanks to the generosity and compassion of the American public. Last year’s [2008] total was $65 million.

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