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Stages in Project Management

Stage Stage of Development Stage Activities Stage Deliverable(s)
1 Concept or Definition Define the end customer need.Define the characteristics or features of the product, service or process that will be designed. Description of the deliverable.Customer needs and requirements document.
2  Design Design the product service or process.Review the design.

Validate or test the product, service or process design.

Design plan(s) for creating the deliverable.
3 Develop, construct, install Pilot and verify design.Train people.

Install equipment and/or build a facility.

Constructed deliverable
4a Start-up, initial production Implement the design.Produce and deliver initial product to the end customer.

Provide initial service to the end customer.

Initial process runs

Verified, tested, deliverable.
4b Production, operations and maintenance Operate process at production levels for the end customer.(Usually not part of the project unless the project deliverable is a service.) Deliverable performing or producing at expected levels.
5 Retire Return resources (people, equipment and /or materials) to the organization.Dismantle equipment.

Dispose, recycle, or reuse material.

Deliverable removed from service


Stages in Project Management


The McGaw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Project Management, Second Edition, Helen S. Cooke and Karen Tate


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