Catholic University of America, Management: Theory and Practice, MGT 323, Exam Review, Chapters 1-7


The Alert Student will understand the vocabulary of management using the text book and the in-class materials.

The exam might include, but will not be limited to, these topics.

The exam will be timed at 35 minutes.

Knowledge Management

Four components-functions of management

Managers need three broad skills

Of those three skills, what does s/he need most; and need least?

Social Capital

List inputs into an organization and outputs

Management in a sentence

Management in a word

Who determines company success?

The purpose of business is to create a _____________ and make a ______________.


Critical vs Core

What is Nordstrom’s one rule for employees?

What is the difference between a “life lie” and a “business lie”?




vertical integration

There are two major business strategies to compete in a particular industry

What is a monkey and why is this important?


one rule for brainstorming

Entrepreneurs are motivated solely by money, discuss

What is the most important part of a business plan?

Where does the entrepreneur usually get start-up capital?

What is a business incubator?


Advisory Board

Organization Chart


Span of Control

Line vs Staff departments and where should you work.


Matrix vs Unity of command

ISO 9000



What is the number one reason employees get fired?

360-degree appraisal

women earn 76% of men. Is this fair?


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