Student Evaluation of Your Business Professor


Student Evaluation of Faculty

On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best/highest grade Your Business Professor,

1. The Instructor clearly explains the course requirements and grading procedures.

2. The Instructor has up-to-date knowledge of the subject being studied.

3. The Instructor presents information in an understandable manner.

4. The Instructor presents and explains material clearly and effectively.

5. The Instructor encourages participation in class activities.

6. The Instructor effectively uses teaching aids (props, videos, whiteboard) when appropriate.

7. The Instructor demonstrates and encourages willingness to give outside classroom assistance.

8. The tests and projects are fair and reflect the instruction presented in the course.

9. For the Student: How would you rate YOUR time, effort and preparation in achieving your goals for this course?


What is the best thing about this course?

What is the worst thing about this course?

What is your overall evaluation of Your Business Professor?

What is your overall evaluation of the textbook?


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