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Registration for Summer 2016 begins on March 15, 2016

Your Business Professor has been training managers for decades and has noticed that every boss has these two worries:

1) Every one wants more management training, and

2) There is no time for management training.

We might have a answer. I am conducting a management training seminar on-line with no meetings. It is a fast seven-week course. There is a structure and freedom to work anywhere or anytime of the day or night.

When we are finished you will be more effective in getting things done through the thinking support of others.

Watch this short video — less than six minutes– an overview of the management training course by Your Business Professor offered through The Catholic University of America Introduction Management 323; 3-29-13 at 4.42 PM


Jack Yoest
Your Business Professor

Here’s what we will cover in this on-line, E-Class:

Week One

Introduction and Expectations
Chapter 1, Managing Effectively in a Changing World
Chapter 2, The Evolution of Management

In our first week we will cover the ground rules for our E-Class learning, In addition we will review the basics, history, and the language of management.

Chapter 3: The Organizational Environment and Culture
Chapter 4: Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

These chapters give us an overview of the language and structure of business organizations and how we work together inside our company and around the globe to make the world a better place. We will learn how ethical behavior is the right way to live and the easiest path to advance organizational goals.

Week Three

Chapter 5, Strategic Planning and Decision Making
Chapter 6, Entrepreneurship

Strategic planning is looking over the horizontal to guide your organization for years to come. You will be doing this if you start your own company or as a risk-taker in an established company. As an entrepreneur or an intra-preneur you will learn how to be that ‘go-to’ person who gets things done with few resources.

Week Four

Chapter 7, Organizing for Action
Chapter 8, Managing Human Resources

Here is where we learn how people and processes are grouped in an organization and how you can make the organization work for you. We will study how each of us is responsible for our own career management and understand how people make the difference in a company—the organization’s most valuable asset (really).

Week Five

Chapter 9, Managing diversity and inclusion
Chapter 10, Leadership

Exploring and evaluating possible options often arrive at the best decisions and tactics. A variety of options are best formulated by working with from a variety of opinions and viewpoints. Leadership by individuals in all positions in an organization accomplishes this. The one word that describes leadership is “influence.”

Week Six

Chapter 11, Motivating People
Chapter 12, Teamwork

Managers get things done through people and teams. These groups have to be led and motivated and provided direction to accomplish organizational goals. Big visions are reached with small incremental steps—accumulating victories—with people in teams that love each other.

Week Seven

Chapter 13, Communicating
Chapter 14, Managerial Control

Managers are effective only when the staff can comprehend the intentions and priorities of the person in charge. The staffers’ work is verified when the leadership follows up in the control function of management.

Chapter 15, Innovation and Changing

An organization is a living organism: it is either growing or dying. Leaders bring about (positive) disruptive change and manage the process to increase the value of the company.

The Management Training course registration is available through The Catholic University web site for summer sessions for under-graduates and look for

Summer 2016

MGT Management


YOEST MGT 223 L1 or L2 Management Theory and Practice. Register here.

The 7-week class is three credit hours or it can be audited. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is around $2,800. Cheap.

The class was named MGT 323 in years past — it is now MGT 223.

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