The Rules for Professor Yoest’s Class
The Catholic University of America


Simple Rules for Attending Professor Yoest’s classes at CUA.

Your Business Professor is a “digital immigrant” who grew up with 8 track tapes and three network television channels.

There are different expectations today for The Alert Student.  You are a “digital native” who will be required to be a master in the on-line world.

1)  Attendance is taken at every class for the on-ground courses. Be on time. If the door is secured, do not disturb.

2)  In-person classes will be two in flavors: Analog and Digital.

a.  Bring your laptop to every class.

b.  You will be told what kind of day it will be when you show up.

c.  Power up your devices only on Digital Days.

d.  If you power up on an Analog Day, you will be dismissed from class.  Don’t even think of texting in class.

3)  All deliverables will be electronic and may be checked for compliance with respect for the intellectual property of others.  “Suspicious” papers may not be accepted.

4)  There are (over!) 1,000 possible points in this class.  No matter what ‘additional credit points’ are added; the denominator is always 1,000.  New in 2014:  960 or more total points are required for an A.  There is no “A+.”  Your grade is determined by the “Total” points in the Blackboard column.  Not the percentage.

5)  This is an intolerant class: “I will not lie, cheat or steal. I will not tolerate anyone who does.”

6)  Most assignments, quizzes and exams are on-line. You must have a device for internet access and a connection.

7)  Deliverables will have long lead times.  Plan. Lack of connectivity will not be accepted as an excuse.

8)  Deliverables may not be accepted late.  There are no make-ups.  Written assignments will be required to be reviewed by the CUA Writing Center.  Failure to secure an appointment is a failure to follow directions and is not an excuse.

9)  You will be required to read and understand the syllabus.

10)  You will be required to have contact information of your study partners.

11)  The Alert Student will be prepared for a quiz in every class.

12)  All on-line quizzes and exams are an individual effort–no sharing. Competence in taking on-line evaluations is expected.

13)  All on-line testing is a single attempt. Then submit.  All quizzes and exams will be open-book.

14)  All communication with Your Business Professor will include the student’s name and the class and section number as in MGT 345-01 or -02.  Emails without the identifiers may be filtered as junk and not be read.

15)  Your Business Professor is not hardware or software IT Support.  Contact CUA or the textbook vendor for problems.

16)  The text book and access codes must be purchased from the publisher.  Failure to obtain access is a failure to follow directions and can result in a grade penalty.

17)  Live Tweeting is encouraged during some digital classes and for some of the guest speakers.  Use #AlertStudent.

18)  The Alert Student will be expected to give a live presentation at any time.

Welcome to the Digital Age.


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