January 3; Visualize Victory Before It Happens
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3 January

See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands…

Joshua 2:6a

Visualize Victory Before It Happens

See Success

The Lord told Joshua to “see.” See what? What was the Lord showing Joshua?

When General Joshua was receiving Divine Directions, Israel’s army was en route to the promised Promised Land and looking forward to their first significant battle. Nothing had been delivered to anyone.


And still Joshua behaved as if they had already won. Two marketing researchers were dispatched by Joshua to study Jericho. (In war we would call them “spies.”) The two-man team reported back on the condition of their opposition. The size and strength and capital equipment of Jericho was easy enough to discern. But Joshua was less interested in the hardware than his competition’s wherewithal for battle.

He was interested in Jericho’s morale. The opposition researchers (spies) reported from an inside source that, “[A]ll who live in this country are melting in fear because of [the Israelis],” Joshua 2:9.

The army of Jericho knew they were going to lose. The army of Joshua knew they were going to win—even before the battle started.

Joshua started with the end in mind. He knew what success looked like. Joshua could see it; his army could see it. Yes, he did have the assistance of Divine Revelation. Today’s CEO will have to rely on an earthly strategic plan, as well as daily prayer.

The vision of victory was announced and believed and executed. Joshua, the leader, could see ahead; his team believed him and willingly did as instructed for success.

It started with a vision.

And the walls came tumbling down.



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