January 16; Memorandum of Understanding
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16 January

The Lord made me understand in writing

1 Chronicles 28:19

Memorandum of Understanding


Dick invited me into his office, which was larger than my apartment. I took a chair across a polished table from The Very Important Client as he began to issue directions. I gave him my best “engaged” body language.

It wasn’t enough.

He stopped and said, “You need to take notes.”

What he really wanted was for me to take dictation of his plans for the quarter. They had to be written down. I had to understand what he wanted in writing and I was the one who would be the scribe.

Just as The Lord made me understand in writing, 1 Chronicles 28:19, my earthly lord was making me understand. And I did. Especially after I wrote his thoughts down.

Written directions personally delivered and reviewed are the most secure means of communicating objectives toward the goal that fulfills the vision. Transmission and comprehension errors cannot be eliminated but they can be minimized. Writing it down will help.

Taking notes will help the staffer to understand and internalize what the boss wants. It also forces the subordinate to look connected, maybe even interested, in the dispensed wisdom. Maybe. But the written word will help all to remember.

Even today Your Business Professor will carry an inexpensive notebook into every meeting. The lined paper and pen reminds all present that words are being captured. It is a measure of respect and accountability. Yes, politeness seems to follow when words are being written on paper.

This artwork may be protected by copyright. It is posted on the site in accordance with fair use principles

This artwork may be protected by copyright. It is posted on the site in accordance with fair use principles

There is a Norman Rockwell painting, The Gossips, that shows what happens when oral communication is transmitted through a number of people: Distortion and Surprise.

The written word reduces the odds of error.


The student walks into my office. After pleasantries, I say, “You might want to take notes.”



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