September 5; Another Day; Another Dollar
365 Daily Bible Verse &
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Chapter Nine: Finance; September 5

Give us each day our daily bread.

Luke 11:3

Another Day; Another Dollar

Pass the hat

She published a book by HarperCollins, birthed out multiple uber-children and earned a Ph.D.. A real feminist hat-trick.

When Charmaine earned her doctorate there was a ceremony in academia where she got “hooded.” It was a garment; a breadbasket that she could, well, hang her hat on.


It is believed that the custom originated in higher education in the 12th century. Instructors did not have their own building as is common now but instead used the local church as a lecture hall. The robes and hoods worn by the clerics became the practical wardrobe used as protection against the cold in those times before central heating.

The modern hood in academic regalia is a throw back to the Middle Ages when a scholar would earn his daily bread directly from his pupils. The young charges would put a loaf of bread into the professor’s hood as payment for services rendered. The lectures had better be good or the teacher didn’t eat. The students had better have liquid resources or they didn’t get instruction. Polished apples serve the same purpose today.

The payment was completed at the time when the teaching service was rendered: a fair exchange—an immediate, completed transaction. There was no financial aid or student loans or government subsidies. No payables; no receivables.

Using a head cover as a monetary drop box continues in our modern times. As usual, sports lead in cultural metaphors.


In the mid-1800’s a cricket player by the name of Heathfield Harman “HH” Stephenson did an amazing three consecutive wickets on three consecutive balls. That was some trick. The excited, cheering crowd passed the hat, collected some cash and presented the headgear filled with donations to the hero of the game.

We now call this performance of three’s a hat-trick. It is now a common descriptor in hockey where a player scores three goals in a game.  The scoring home team is awarded by adoring fans throwing hats into the rink. (No cash, and please no coins on the ice.)

Oxford Dictionaries (Language Matters) explains the origin of the hat trick, from the “late 19th century: originally referring to the club presentation of a new hat (or some equivalent) to a bowler taking three wickets successively.”


The hoods and hats could hold for the daily need and maybe not much more. This is much as the Creator provided manna for the Jews in the Sinai wilderness each day and each day only (with a double portion on the day before the Sabbath, so no work would need to be done). And so will our bodily needs be met if we work and we will be rewarded each day. 

Give us each day our daily bread. Luke 11:3



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