September 16; If You Want A Friend In Management; Get A Dog*
365 Daily Bible Verse &
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Chapter Nine: Finance; September 16

Stay there, eating and drinking whatever they give you,

for the worker deserves his wages.

Do not move around from house to house.

Luke 10:7

If You Want A Friend In Management; Get A Dog*


The CEO was in a funk. His top scientist just gave notice and was leaving for another company in a different industry.

“What did we do wrong?” the boss asked. “Why did he leave?”

“Did he get a better offer?” I ask.

“Yes,” the boss sighed. “Almost doubled.”

“Goodness,” I said, “Now—I know you wouldn’t leave if offered twice the money…”

The CEO is looking down, silent, sad.

Academia, consultants and journalists give us non-stop happy talk how We Are All Family. Until another person buys the love and loyalty.


You are not married. You are not an indentured servant.

Your staff are rented relationships. It is less a marriage than it is some other temporary transaction. Let’s not call it prostitution. There is a cleaner, more hygienic answer.

Frederick Herzberg was a psychologist who served a tour of duty in the Army. The old Armed Forces joke cannot be attributed to him,

Question: “Why are you banging your head against that wall?”

Answer: “Because it feels so good when I stop…”

He earned a doctorate focusing on electronic shock therapy.

(Mega)Herzberg found that ‘stopping the bad’ is as important as ‘doing the good.’

We learn that Herzberg in the late 1950’s,

was surprised to find that feeling good and feeling bad resulted from entirely different sets of factors; that is, low pay may have made a particular person feel bad, but it was not high pay that had made that person feel good.

Instead, Herzberg discovered that there are completely different issues involved,

called hygiene factors…causing dissatisfaction are supervision, working conditions, interpersonal relations, pay, job security, company policies, and administration.

Hygiene is necessary at work as in any dating relationship. Sweet perfume may not make a person attractive, but horrible body odor can make a person unattractive.

Good hygiene is noticeable in its absence. And this is why these factors are difficult to manage. An employee must be paid enough to satisfy his perceived basic needs: clean enough restrooms, a comfortable enough office chair and about enough money.

The minimum “enough” is always changing. It is the manager’s job to know when enough is enough.

Your Business Professor defines management as being in a relationship and “Financial” can often be the adjective. No one works for free and each individual’s minimum wage is unique. The employee should know what is fair for his services; to know what his work is worth in the marketplace. It is not helpful to anyone to jump jobs too often.


In the for-profit business world people work for a reason. The “Why” people work is a motivator–but we can only work to change the world if we can pay the rent. (Blackwell) We need something in exchange for our labors. That’s why it’s called “Consideration.”

Every thoughtful relationship requires consideration.

Stay there, eating and drinking whatever they give you, for the worker deserves his wages. Do not move around from house to house. Luke 10:7


*The earliest evidence for this family of quotes comes from a marketing campaign,

A 1911 American newspaper advertisement in the Pets for Sale section advised: “If you want a friend—buy a dog!” (Crye 2013)

“If you want a friend in Washington, DC, get a dog,” is often misattributed to President Harry Truman while President in Washington, DC. He never owned a dog.


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