"How to Boil A Frog" by General Peter J. Schoomaker


It needs to be clarified, right at the start: placing women in combat is against the law.

But General Peter J. Schoomaker, Chief of Staff, United States Army, wants to place women in combat, rendering moot the Commander in Chief’s orders and the intent of Congress. Not to mention, against the will of the people.

With Elaine Donnelly from the Center for Military Readiness, I recently met with then-Defense Secretary Wolfowitz, Army Secretary Francis Harvey, and Army Vice Chief, General Richard Cody to review military policy on placing women in harm’s way. We discussed the challenges of having women under fire and at high risk of capture on the battlefield.

During our meeting, Harvey became agitated, Cody became hostile, and everyone vigorously denied the scenario where women could be, might be, in combat. But women will be in combat. And Schoomaker, Peter J., General, has a plan to make this happen.

So who is this guy?

The Man

Failed in Desert One in Iran under President Carter. He commanded a Squadron in the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment in the botched rescue attempt of embassy hostages in Iran, 1980. Dead soldiers. Ours.

Violated the Posse Comitatus Act in Waco. Working with General Wesley Clark as his Assistant Division Commander, Schoomaker, Peter, J., (very quietly) met with Janet Reno, allowing the FBI use of Fort Hood. (Bloggers didn’t exist then.) The Armor and military personnel present at the conflagration were Schoomaker’s, Peter J. Dead children. Dead babies. Dead women. Lots of them.

Promoted by Bill Clinton. More General’s stars, lots of them.

The Plan

Place women in formerly all-male Forward Support Companies (FSC) training with, and “attached” to combat units. When the balloon goes up, and the troops advance, the women come out. So says General Cody. Only men will then be sent to the front, without the women. So says Secretary Harvey.

The End

When the bullets start flying, and the fog descends and transportation to the rear is mis-routed . . . “I need that truck moving forward” barks the SSGT. The mission will be everything. The women will remain with their units, uniquely embedded. And under fire.

Not many women will be killed, fewer raped. And they will do OK, and made into hero(ine)s by CNN.

Schoomaker, Peter J., will deliver a glowing after-action report, praising the womens’ perfomance and will provide Congressional Testimony to allow minor policy wording changes codifying his brilliant use of human resources.

schoomakerpic.jpgGeneral Schoomaker cnn_logo.gif

And we will have women in combat, credit Schoomaker, Peter J., General.

Perfect stealth operation.


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