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Update for May 2012 from Jack. You know when the old folks used to say, “Enjoy it all while you can-time passes so quickly?”

And you were thinking, “What are those old farts coots talking about?

Well. The old folks were right. As they usually are. Time passes so quickly.

Charmaine’s post from 2005.


May 5, 1990

To have and to hold, from this day forward,

Those two didn’t know what they were getting into did they?

for better, for worse,

May 5, 1990: The day dawned dark and dreary. . . but, then — midway through the service, the sun broke through, a single ray of light piercing the chapel windows, illuminating the altar. . .

for richer, for poorer,

No, we had no way of even imagining the hurdles and challenges that lay ahead.

in sickness or in health,

But then, no way of even dreaming of the joys either.

The Penta-Posse

Four Corners Monument, April, 2005

to love and to cherish

May 5, 2005: another dark and dreary day. . . just take-out dinner on folding chairs at the ball-park, . . .but there, still, rays of light, piercing our hearts, illuminating the future. . .

hylight.jpg john light.jpg
gylight.jpg sylight.jpg
james light.jpg

’till death do us part.

I do.


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