Born-Alive Baby Autopsy Released


A few weeks ago, I mentioned the story of an aborted baby, Baby Rowan, whose mother says he was born alive. She says the clinic did not help him and that he then died.

The autopsy of Baby Rowan has been released, and you can read it here. (Thanks Evangelical Underground.)

The autopsy says that there was no evidence of air in the lungs or stomach, which is the only forensic evidence the medical examiner would have been able to find to prove that he had been alive. However, under the Born Alive Victims Act, movement is also evidence of life. The mother claims that he grasped her hand, and is pressing forward with her lawsuit against the clinic. More details here.

The autopsy also shows that there was no trauma to the baby’s body — no needle marks — so that is being offered as evidence to corroborate the mother’s claim that the baby was not given digoxin to stop his heart.

This is the point that grabbed me: reading the autopsy report, in each category Baby Rowan was examined, the report concludes that he was well-formed and free of abnormalities. Developing well.

That is ineffably sad.


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  1. DeAnna says:

    Why would she even be able to hold a law suit above their heads, She is the one that went to the clinic in the first place to KILL(Abort) the baby, so therefore she didn’t care about it in the first place.. All people like this Should die in the midst of the procedure, because that is just sad. I hope she looses because of the fact it’s her faught the baby passed away not the doc’s.

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