Abraham Lincoln. . . John Edwards?? Wow, Tough Call.


For today’s history exam: “The relative merits of Abraham Lincoln. . . and John Edwards.” Please discuss.

The Discovery Channel and AOL have just released a list of nominees, based on an online poll, of the 100 Greatest Americans. . . an “extraordinary, interactive project to highlight Americans of importance and the incredible contributions they made to our society.”

abraham_lincoln.jpg john-edwards.jpg

Over at Betsy’s Page, she astutely notes: “If you have Abraham Lincoln and George Washington on a list, you don’t include John Edwards unless you don’t realize that the Great Awakening preacher was Jonathan, not John, Edwards.”

Wait. . .there’s two more: Michael Moore and Madonna, natch.

Michael-Moore.jpg Madonna Lucky Star.jpg

The Dreamer asked: “Is James Madison on the list?”

Nope. He’s not.

But Hugh Hefner is.

Update: A+ on Betsy’s Page with a real list of great Americans

Right Wing News invites submissions for a better list.


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  1. Iowa Voice says:

    Lame To Fame List

    You know, I was going to comment on the Discovery Channels “Greatest Americans” train wreck the other day, after watching it, but I didn’t. Some of the people on their list just boggles the mind.

    Right now, they are taking votes on the top 25 nomine

  2. Polling: The Greatest Americans

    As a reaction to the Discovery Channel’s “Top 100” (which includes folks like John Edwards, Brett Favre and Michael Jackson), bloggers are “taking it to the street” (via the web) and offering their own polling challenge — featuring personalities sligh…

  3. The Greatest American – The Big Vote

    As you might have heard, The Discovery Channel is leaving it to the American voting public to determine who is the greatest American of all time and you know what? It’s a complete joke. I mean, just look at their top-100. It includes the following…

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