But Where's the Bling?: Pepsi Responds to Major E.


Pepsi and Major E. (serving in Baghdad) are exchanging letters again. Scott Johnson at Powerline has just posted Pepsi’s latest non-response to Major E.’s request for a disavowal of Indra Nooyi‘s insult to America.


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The key Pepsi response line is this: “Clearly PepsiCo does not now, nor have we ever, considered the U.S. as disrespectful towards the rest of world.”

Major E. responds: “If Pepsico feels that the US is not, and has never been, disrespecful toward the rest of the world, why does Pepsico accept Ms. Nooyi’s explanation that she made a ‘thoughtless gesture or comment’?”

Here’s the essential point — the letter to the Major comes from PepsiCo VP of consumer relations Christine Jones. “Chris,” as she signs her letter, seems like a nice person and the letter is nice enough. . . but it’s still just words. We’ve not heard a peep from Pepsi’s President, nor have they taken any real action to make restitution.

What do I mean? This is the heart of the matter. If my husband makes me angry,(or vice versa!) in order to make things right, he says “I’m sorry.” And it’s over. And that’s the strategy Pepsi is pursuing. Lay low; let it blow over.

But, alternatively, if my husband (in some inconceivable parallel universe) would publicly insult me, to make it right, he would have to bring flowers, chocolate, and maybe even some serious bling.

So, in case you were wondering what those of us who are still pretty irritated with Pepsi are looking for, that’s it. (For specifics, see here.)

C’mon Pepsi, where’s the bling?


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Update: Thank you for the Open Post at Mudville Gazette


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    Christine Jones, Pepsi’s VP Consumer Relations uncorked a howler today. Which fits into the who you going to believe me or your own eyes category. Unfortunately the folks at Pepsi with their handling of Indian native and Pepsico COO Indra

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