"F" is for Foolish: New Online 'Zine for Teens



F is for Foolish

I’m beginning to think that “F” stands for foolish. Whenever you see someone making a big production out of saying F**k, you know immediately two things are true: A) the person in question thinks saying so makes them sexually “free;” and B) they are over-compensating for being sexually messed up.

Need an illustration? Genevieve over at Feminine-Genius has the skinny on a new ‘zine called “the F Word.”

Sorry, girls, using F**k as a mantra isn’t going to get you the good sex life you’re looking for.

Try “I do.”


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1 Response

  1. kyer says:

    “Try ‘I do.'”

    Hardly subtle, but firmly direct. I like it.

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