Media Advisory: I'm doing CNN today


Today at 5 pm EST your Audacious (yet so Reasonable), blogger is schedule to appear on CNN to discuss a new campaign from the cable television industry called “Control Your TV.”


Please tune in and let me know what you think.


Had a lot of fun at the taping: the Dude went with me — my entourage. Beefy security always handy to have around!


Me and my entourage

But, if you tuned in at 5 this afternoon, then you know all about the explosion in St. Louis today. . .definitely trumps a discussion of the cable industry’s improved ratings system. Since the interview was taped instead of live, I’m guessing they’ll run it later. I’ll let you know if they tell me. But if you do see it, send comments!


The Dude in

the Green Room


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