Two Different Welcomes: Bobbleheads and Cute Kids


When we touched down in Edinburgh earlier this afternoon, two very different welcomes greeted us: Bobbleheads and Cutie Pies.


Okay, so the whole kids with flags waving thing was totally staged. But it was adorable — who can resist those rosy Scottish cheeks and the hand-drawn “Welcome to Edinburgh” sign?

Inside the terminal, however, the welcome was a snarky one. The Bobbleheads awaited.

No one ever explained exactly what the Bobbleheads were about — maybe it was all just for laughs? Kind of Disney-esque? John and I stood surveying the scene and debated as travellers vied to get their picture taken with the Bobs. Could have been. . .


But when I arrived at Allison House, there they were, featured in the local paper — the very same Bobbleheads marching carrying a “Make Poverty History” sign. Something of local celebrities apparently.

Was it meant to be all in fun? Nah.


The Bobbleheads’ shoes . . .very European.


Villainous Company says that Live8 is, “a fundraiser in which not one thin dime is going directly to the intended recipients” in The Song Remains the Shame.

In the Agora points us to organizations needing donations through The ONE Campaign.

The Great Separation reminds us that American Out Gives Europe 15 to 1.


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