"Beauties in Shoulder Straps": Miss Russian Army 2005



Miss Russian Army 2005

Kseniya Agarkova, winner

Here’s a good rule of thumb: gay jokes — not funny. Miss Russian Armyfunny.

In late June, the Russian army held a beauty contest, “Beauties in Shoulder Straps,” and picked Kseniya Agarkova out of 18 other soldiers to wear a crown along with her combat boots and Kalashnikov rifle.

Kid. You. Not.

But wait. It gets better. In addition to the contest, there was choral entertainment: a group of school children singing “Our Army is the Strongest,” while dressed in army fatigues.

Quick. Somebody alert Rummy. . . The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!


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2 Responses

  1. Jack Rich says:

    Sorry, I don’t see much humor there. What I see is an intense love of country that may seem primitive to us.

    And you’ve got to respect any woman who can say, with a straight face,

    We are soldiers. Serving is our patriotic duty. And for us, machine guns come first.

    Compare with those women for whom Paris Hilton is a role model…

  2. dbullock says:

    The Green Bay Packers should be so luck as to get some of the runners-up.

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