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from Kate, Small Dead Animals

I was packing my bags for Nashville on Tuesday when the Cotillion ball came out — so now, for your Saturday morning coffee, be sure to stop by to see Kate’s great Blogettes photo in its original glory; Juliette of Baldilocks; Darleen brings us Disco Divas; and Maxed Out Mama has a ball reminding us that “life’s a wonderful, chancy, gloriously uncertain and rather serious affair.”

A favorite this week you won’t want to miss: Denita at Who Tends the Fires writes a moving description of how teaching her son to pray is drawing her closer to faith. . .

I am a jaded skeptic who has spent years looking at God from the outside. I still have many questions I haven’t found satisfactory answers to. A part of me still finds these spiritual vestments odd and itchy, finds the words and the habits a bit hard to swallow, and all too easy to forget. At times I feel like a wild animal at the edge of the firelit circle–wary, curious, yearning for what wonders may be found there in the light, but also cautious of traps and deceptions. And there are days when I have terrible conflicts within myself, between that which wants to run from the brightness and return to the chaotic comfort of the forest, and that which seeks to shuck off this flea-ridden fur coat and bask in the glow and the warmth.

But of all the devout friends I know…it may be my son who makes an honest Christian of me.

I think that’s so beautiful.

I feel fortunate to have been raised in a Christian home and to have grown into my faith throughout my life. But nobody gets a free pass to faith. And I’ve had the same experience Denita describes — watching the purity and the glory of my children’s natural faith always draws me back to the “glow and the warmth.”


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