Quiet Before the Storm



Getting Ready for Justice Sunday

Two Rivers Baptist Church, the site of Sunday’s Justice Sunday II simulcast, is amazing. The sanctuary is enormous and cavernous — the church has 6800 members.


The sanctuary itself seats 2800 people and tickets are hard to come by at this point. They are now estimating that millions of people will be viewing through the simulcast.


With Derek Packard

Producer/Director of JSII

The Producer/Director of the simulcast is Derek Packard, President of DV Studios, and developer of Light on the Hill TV, where you can go to log on to a live webcast of JSII — I got him to pose with me for a second in the midst of getting the platform set up. He was busy arranging nine pictures of the sitting Justices: 5 placed to the left; 3 placed to the right. . . and one with a big question mark.

A keen visual reminder of the stakes in this appointment to the Supreme Court.


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