War Supporters are. . . Morons??!!: Fisking Robert Crook


His name is Robert Crook. And, if you support the President, and the war in Iraq, he says you are a “moron.”

Yeah, well, c’mon Charmaine, that’s what happens when you get your political commentary from someone who has a can of spray paint in his hand.


No, actually, Salon provides him bandwidth and his very own “Soapbox:”

There is no shortage of morons who support George W. Bush [so true Rob, so true. . .eat your heart out] — Americans who buy the “freedom” and “democracy” bull***t even though it’s clear that the only parties who are benefiting from the Bush regime’s f***ing mess in Iraq are the war profiteers. . .

But presently, it becomes clear that what’s really bothering Robert is that some of those “morons” Americans who support both the President and the war have had a front row seat for the “mess in Iraq,” and have come away with a pretty different account. Robert is not too happy that many (most?) in the American military do support the war, specifically, military mom, Tammy Pruett:


Tammy and GWB


Of course, Tammy Pruett isn’t really the Anti-Cindy because none of her immediate family members have been killed in Iraq.

Tammy can get back to us with what she thinks of Gee Dubya’s Gulf War II if one of her immediate family members is killed.[You don’t think that the thought that one of her boys, or her husband, could get killed has occurred to her, Robert?]

Lila Lipscomb, the mother of a military family featured in “Fahrenheit 9/11,” was supportive of Gulf War II — until her son was killed in Iraq.

What I like most about the news story above, I think, is Bush’s remark that “America lives in freedom because of families like the Pruetts.”

What about the Sheehan family? The Lipscomb family? [Of course them too. Especially them. The President did meet with Mrs. Sheehan in person after her son was killed, remember.] The many other families who lost a member to Bush’s bogus war in Iraq who would not squeal like a giddy schoolgirl if Bush were to mention them in a speech?

Do these families count?

To Bush, I don’t think that they do.

Well, apparently that one line of the President’s — “America lives in freedom because of families like the Pruetts.” — has really rankled the Left.

Eric Jaffa, of MoveLeft.com, left a comment here about this same statement:

We were a free country before the Iraq War.

We would still be a free country if the US hadn’t invaded Iraq.

We could have an extended debate about the implications of that comment. But here’s what I still can’t believe:

Eric: You left that anti-war comment on my Tammy Pruett post??

So much for “I oppose the war, but support our troops . . ”

* * *

Here at Reasoned Audacity, we are PRO-Mudville Gazette, with thanks for the Open Post.

FRIDAY UPDATE: Ilyka Damen says Crook has a “Dead Kid Quota.” Brilliant. Absolutely Must Read.


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17 Responses

  1. War Supporters Are Morons! (aka How To Get Banned From DU)

    According to Robert Crook of that bastion of leftist thought Salon.com, war supporters are morons. He’s begging to be fisked, line by line. Charmaine Yoest gives it a good go, and I add to it.

    His name is Robert Crook. And, if you support th…

  2. Robert says:

    If you love Gee Dubya’s illegal, immoral, unprovoked and imperialist — and utterly un-Christian — war in Iraq, get your precious, safe, comfortable white ass over to Iraq to fight it.

    Yeah, that’s what I THOUGHT.

  3. charmaine says:

    Preface. Note to the real Robert: it appears that perhaps a 15-year-old boy has been impersonating you on my site. Someone left a comment with no class under your name.

    * * *

    First, no one “loves” this war. I support the war. There’s a difference.

    Skipping over the ridiculous adjectives, “illegal” “immoral” blah, blah, blah.

    Second, I wish I could be flattered that you’ve put me in the demographic age group qualified to serve in the war (skipping over the women in combat issue). But sadly, I think you are just making an inane ad hominem argument. Oh well.

    And thirdly, if you want to leave a vicious comment, take a minute to look at my site first: there’s a blue star flag on my site. Not hard to miss. I do have family members serving.

  4. Ilyka Damen says:

    Dead Kid Quota

    Did you know there is one? It’s true! Can’t have an opinion ’bout the war unless you’ve met your dead kid quota. It’s like Chris Rock’s bit about white girls: Got to get a white girl. You’re not a successful…

  5. jdc says:

    Your logic is poor, Ilyka’s even worse. Nobody said you can’t have an opinion unless you have a dead kid. Saying Tammy is not the Anti-Cindy is a perfectly logical statement, if only a bit tasteless. Imagine if I said I was the Antichrist, only I had a human father. Only I never died, never rose again. Whatever. It’s not a logical antithesis, and no amount of tasty rhetoric will change that.

    Frankly, yours and Ilyka’s comments are Limbaugh/Hannity-level logic. I can’t see myself becoming a regular reader of stuff like this. Not exactly primo thinking.


  6. charmaine says:

    “. . .if only a bit tasteless.”

    if only a bit tasteless??!!”

  7. Eric Jaffa says:

    Charmaine Yoest –

    I do support the troops, and saying I don’t dodges a question:

    Is this statement I made which you quoted true or false?

    “We were a free country before the Iraq War.

    We would still be a free country if the US hadn’t invaded Iraq.”

  8. charmaine says:

    “Free” isn’t the question. “Safe” is the issue. The President’s job, as Commander-in-Chief is to protect the security of this country. That’s where I believe the Iraq war fits. Not just America, but the world, not to mention Iraq, is a safer place with Saddam Hussein gone.

  9. Eric Jaffa says:

    Iraq has gone from bad to worse.

    Before the invasion, it was a functioning society headed by a brutal dictator.

    Now it isn’t a functioning society. People lack clean water. Street violence is common. Unemployment is massive. Depleted uranium is contaminating the environment. Iraqi citizens have dual fears of being killed by terrorists or being killed by Americans for driving past a poorly marked temporary checkpoint (there is no rquirement for US soldiers to use traffic signs to tell drivers to stop.)

    On top of all this, the new government of Iraq is brutal to Iraqi citizens.

    Iraq isn’t safer.

    Nor did the invasion make the US safer. Iraq wasn’t planning to attack the US. We should have used the resources diverted to Iraq to destroy Al Quaeda.

  10. jdc says:

    Yes, Charmaine. Only a bit tasteless. Remember the statement we’re talking about? “Of course, Tammy Pruett isn’t really the Anti-Cindy because none of her immediate family members have been killed in Iraq.”

    That’s not wild-assed gall. That’s not a horrific affront. Saying Tammy Pruett isn’t an adequate antithesis to Cindy Sheehan. Hardly controversial, since she really and truly isn’t.

    I’d like to be, say, the anti-Pat-Robertson, but I can’t, because I’m not a public figure. I have no network, no show, no followers, no religion. Do you get it now? I just think he’s a douche. That’s not the same thing. Right?

    In fact, I’m downgrading my opinion to “perhaps a bit tasteless.”

  11. ilyka says:

    In fact, I’m wondering why my own brother can’t be arsed to email me or leave any of his pithy assessments of my “even worse” logic at my own site, and instead has to come hassle you, Charmaine.

    Ignore him, is my suggestion. If he wants to pretend no one on his side of things has ever inferred from Cindy’s tragic loss a moral authority that is “absolute,” thereby implying absence of same for those families who have been more fortunate, that’s his business.

  12. Dawn Patrol

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  13. Saturday Morning Reading.

    Good Morning, Jim. I got my own coffee today. Heh. Ellsworth stays open, as does Cannon. And ya know who was disappointed…? Kossacks. I’m sure it was all Rove’s plan. This was a fun read. Especially the comments. Apparently,…

  14. jdc says:

    I wish she wouldn’t do that; I think it’s tasteless.

    Charmaine, I kinda like your writing, and I felt like some polite debate with someone who thinks similarly to Ilyka, yet is not my real-life sister, whom I essentially do not like. (Apparently, I’ll have to drop her a line and remind her.)

    But if it’s gonna get personal, I’ll be happy to leave.


  15. jdc says:

    Charmaine, if you feel unduly hassled, I trust you’ll say so.

    Ilyka’s first paragraph has been dealt with via e-mail, as such matters should be. Her second paragraph illustrates precisely why I’m not interested in playing around on her blog:

    My comments focus on a single sentence by one Robert Crook. Ilyka responds by pointing me to . . . a Maureen Dowd column.

    Call it a bunny trail, or a strawman — it’s poor thinking, whatever you call it. How does one respond? Do I demand she justify the latest outrage from Michael Savage or Pat Robertson? Is this debate? “Defend the 16-headed monster I call The Left” (or “The Right”.) It makes for good TV, but it isn’t reason.

    That’s probably all from me, anyway.


  16. Jim says:

    You didn’t say that a dead son is a requirement to have an opinion on the war? I think you have confused yourself even further than your original cirucular logic indicated:

    Tammy can get back to us with what she thinks of Gee Dubya’s Gulf War II if one of her immediate family members is killed.

  17. Death brings validity?

    This has been bugging me. Not Ilyka’s post itself, but rather the topic dissected therein. You see, there are three things I really can’t stand: idiots, poseurs, and idiot poseurs. They rankle me. It seriously bothers me that people without a basic rat…

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