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  1. Feathers McGraw Responds to Robert Kennedy

    Feathers McGraw Responds to Robert Kennedy

  2. Beth Shaw says:

    Well, I did think it might take them just a little longer to start blaming Bush. My husband and I have watched the news betting with each other which commentator would be the first to put that theme out and what argument would be used to make it Bush’s fault.

    I had hoped they’d at least wait until the rescue efforts were complete and perhaps even until bodies were recovered before they started politicizing this catastrope.

    Is it too much to hope that we could put the well-being of our country and our fellow citizens above assigning blame for polical gain?


  3. Jane Lathem says:

    Somehow I am not surprised by Robert Kennedy’s comments. It seems that everytime he makes a statement he is assigning blame to someone for whatevever soapbox he is currently inhabiting. His own uncle Teddy did not support the Kyoto Protocol. So I guess we can assume that he blames him as well??? We have people who have lost loved ones, have lost all their worldly possessions, and many have lost their jobs. If Robert Kennedy cares so much why doesn’t he put his money where his mouth is.

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